Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

2022-08-09 21:11


Mechanical Part

1. The frame is welded by 8mm thickness steel plates;

2. The front beam is welded by 20mm thickness steel plate and it is finished large gantry CNC milling machine at one time. It makes the surface flat and smooth; and it ensures cutting precision and accuracy machine is running.

The beam adopts hollow welding design to facilitate the heat dissipation of equipment and effectively prevents thermal deformation.

3.The rack groove and the guide rail groove are processed by large gantry milling at one time to ensure the parallelism and straightness of the equipment and improve the operation accuracy.  

4.The longitudinal drive adopts bilateral drive with built-in Japanese Panasonic 750W motors, which makes the operation more stable. the use of non-clearance soft fit device can effectively reduce the gear bite error, but also to avoid excessive wear caused by iron chips into the gear when the equipment is running.

5. The horizontal transmission adopts Japan's Panasonic 400W servo motor to drive the main torch to move, and the main torch drives the secondary torch to move by steel wire rope. This transmission mode has low failure rate and strong tor resistance. The steel wire rope is easier to replace and maintain than the steel belt , and it will not excessively delay the customer's construction period.

6. The lifting body adopts an eccentric wheel-clamping device, which is not easy to be damaged, and it has low failure rate and easy to adjust.

Electrical Part

1.CNC control system generally includes Shanghai Jiao tong University, imported systems include Hypertherm and Boni.

2. plasma power source domestic brand includes Huayuan and YOMI; imported brand includes Hypertherm, Lincoln, Kerlbe.

Kelbey is better in the field of cutting small holes, and it has a price advantage compared with Kaibo, which is also in the field of cutting small holes.

Thermadyne plasma power source ‘s water mist treatment technology has advantages in cutting stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, avoiding oxidation and discoloration during cutting.

The unique water mist treatment technology has advantages in cutting stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, to avoid the oxidation discoloration when cutting.  

3.The THC is made by Shenzhen HongyuDa, which has high control accuracy, stable performance and strong anti-interference ability. It can always keep the distance between cutting torch and plate to prevent the from knocking plate.

4. Wires and cables are made in Cardiff , Shanghai, with good toughness and not easy tp break.

5. The electrical components are made of French Schneider, with stable performance and long service life

6. The gas pipe is made of South Korean Sanshan, which is resistant from high temperature, high pressure and cold.

7. The solenoid valve is Airtac, Taiwan, which has high temperature resistance, stability and good sealing.

8. The flame cutting torch is adopts Wuxi Longteng, equipped with automatic ignition device, anti-backfire device, and high safety.

9. The reducer adopts NiuShiDat, with high reliability, compact structure and light weight.

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