CNC pipe truss intersecting line cutting machine

2022-08-29 13:16

Nowadays, more and more steel structure enterprises abandon the traditional processing methods and use CNC automation equipment to replace the labor-intensive and low-efficiency work mode. Regardless of whether it is a network frame with a round pipe or a square pipe, a CNC pipe truss intersecting wire cutting machine can be used to complete the automatic cutting. The equipment has professional three-dimensional pipe cutting software, and the operation is simple. CNC pipe truss intersecting wire cutting machine has 6 major advantages, making pipe truss processing so simple.


1. Support secondary development of applications on the AutoCAD platform

The CNC pipe truss intersecting line cutting machine takes advantage of its position in the field of AutoCAD® drawing and its powerful graphics functions, integrates the software functions of the pipe cutting machine, generates standard G codes, and is connected with the eight-axis linkage KASRY CNC special-shaped pipe cutting system to achieve any overlapping interface Shape cutting, support various modeling, and support the function of straight cutting of circular arc pipes. The modeling is simple. From the software, through the center line, it is easy to establish the overlapping space grid of circular pipes, arc pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, plates, etc. structure.

2. Support end, hole, groove and bevel cutting

Fixed angle bevel; AWS fixed bevel, variable angle bevel

3. Support TEKLA square tube modeling and 3D3S 3D entity programming

The CNC pipe truss intersecting line cutting machine can display the three-dimensional structural shape of the pipe fittings, the unfolded two-dimensional curve of the intersecting line section according to the given intersecting parameters, the three-dimensional image of the intersecting line section can be observed from any angle, and the animation of the simulation cutting. Fully display the cross-sectional shape of the intersecting line that the customer cares about.


4. Support TEKLA professional design software 3D round pipe entity seamless connection

The CNC pipe truss intersecting line cutting machine automatically names the processing code according to the number; automatically optimizes the tekla rough trajectory curve; batch selects batch output; ; Display multiple track curves in layers.

5. Nesting function: super high discharge speed and utilization rate

The CNC pipe truss intersecting line cutting machine generates G code in an average of 2 seconds; the utilization rate of raw materials can be reversely calculated, saving 1%-2% of raw materials.

6. Pipe cutting sleeve nesting software - PipeNest

The nesting software has been optimized, and the cutting and overlapping effect of round and square pipes is very good!

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