Kasry CNC plane drilling machine is a must-use equipment for steel structure manufacturers

2022-08-31 10:28

CNC plane drilling machine

The action control of the CNC plane drilling machine is generally completed by two methods: one is to control the digital information of the CNC system (Z computer), that is, "digital control", such as the front, rear, left and right of the CNC drilling machine table. Movement, the up and down movement of the headstock and the rotational movement displacement around a linear axis, etc. These controls are completed by controlling the servo feed motor with the difference between the theoretical orientation calculated by interpolation and the actual response orientation. The center of this control is to ensure that the contour of the machined part is completed, that is, except for point processing, the movement of each axis must maintain a strict proportional relationship; the other is to use CNC during the operation of the CNC drilling machine. The status of switch signals such as travel switches, sensors, buttons, relays, etc. in the system and on the drilling machine is the condition, and in accordance with the pre-specified logical sequence, for example, the start and stop of the spindle, reversing, tool replacement, workpiece clamping, release. Work control of hydraulic, cooling and lubrication systems. The control of this type of action is mainly to carry out the sequence control of the switch signal, which is generally completed by the PLC.

   CNC surface drilling machine is a machine and electricity integrated product that integrates computer technology, PLC technology and automation technology. As the control system in the middle of CNC surface drilling machine, it is directly related to the normal operation of the equipment. Using the powerful function of CNC drilling machine PLC, it is possible to Making full use of the advantages of the CNC plane drilling machine control system can also bring great convenience to the diagnosis and repair of CNC drilling machine faults. The author designed the safety control function to avoid the collision of the drilling machine during the processing. It is effective in addition to the risk of collision between the spindle of the drilling machine, the fixture and the workpiece due to the operator's error, which ensures the safety of production and provides economical benefits. benefit!

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