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Kasry CNC plane drilling machine is a must-use equipment for steel structure manufacturers

The action control of the CNC plane drilling machine is generally completed by two methods: one is to control the digital information of the CNC system (Z computer), that is, "digital control", suc...

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Mechanical Part1. The frame is welded by 8mm thickness steel plates;2. The front beam is welded by 20mm thickness steel plate and it is finished large gantry CNC milling machine at one time. It mak...

On-site Feedback From Cutting Machine Users

The real picture of the Saudi customer's on-site feedback of the cutting machine, the customer is very satisfied with it

KASRY held the second quarter summary meeting.

KASRY held the second quarter summary meeting.Team members speak actively and discuss product knowledge heatedly.Share the problems encountered in the communication with customers, and propose solu...

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KASRY is a overall solution provider for steel fabrication industry in the world, KASRY specializes in 3D CNC cutting and drilling, welding field with strong capital strength and rich experiences in t