control system of pipe cutting machine KR-XY5

2021-07-08 13:56

Equipment control system :

Basic functions of control system

The control system has a humanized interface, and the operation is simple and intuitive. Dynamic cutting simulation is clear; Fast automatic positioning, pause, acceleration and deceleration control; Fault self-diagnosis and operation error intelligent discrimination, automatic alarm display, automatic diagnosis function; Rich, expandable macro program call and editing function; Chinese and English display, man-machine dialogue function. With an online and offline programming approach, you can exchange information through a USB flash drive, network, etc., and manually enter for temporary changes. Multi-axis controller, the maximum controllable to eight axis. Multiple lines can be cut continuously, and the multi-pipe intersecting can be cut and formed at one time, and improve the accuracy.

The threedimensional shape of the pipe fitting can be displayed according to the specified phase parameters, The two - dimensional curve section of the intersected line is developed, the curve can be observed from the Angle of arbitrary cross section of three-dimensional images, cutting simulation animation, can show the cross section shape of the curve

Servo motor:   adopt Japan panasonic servo motor                       

Drive control system:   adopt Japan panasonic drive                             

CNC operation computer:   Advantech industrial control computer

  ◆ CPU                    PENTIUM 2.6G 800F 2M 775P E5300

  ◆   Liquid Crystal Display     17-inch color display screen

  ◆   Memory capacity         2G  

  ◆ Data entry method     Keyboard, USB, disc, or optional extra Ethernet                     

  ◆ Data backup              Floppy or hard disk

  ◆ USB interface             2.0 standard

  ◆ Hard disk                 ST500DM002-1BD142

  ◆ Operating system           English interface

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